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Bob Houghton has been working with Ferraris since 1964, starting with a 250SWB that belonged to a friend of the family. “I was only 14 years old, picking up qualifications whilst employed by a BMC main distributor until I was 21!”

Bob met up with Ferrari Guru David Clarke (who had six Ferraris at the time) and they became instant friends,
Soon was working for David looking after a Ferrari 330 P4, Ferrari P2, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 275 4 cam, Ferrari 250 Lusso and a Ferrari 212 Export.

As Bob recalls “Working on these cars gave me a strong grounding for the years ahead”.

In 1974 we formed Graypaul Motors (Loughborough) and between then and 1978 we restored many classic Ferraris as we were the only company (apart from Maranello Concessionaires) specialising in the marque at that time.

In September 2003 we returned to our roots and became Ferrari specialists again and using our knowledge and experience to service all cars using only factory trained technicians who are dedicated to the marque.

“In 1978 I left Graypaul to set up Rosso Racing which specialised in Ferrari.  We restored numerous cars including Neil Corner’s Tasman Dino (which we are still involved with) and won many races with Ferrari 512s, Ferrari 312s etc. Our strong point has always been our engine department, rebuilding road and race engines sent to us from all around the world.

Racing the cars has always been my goal – and where I get my kicks!

In 1981 I started Bob Houghton Ltd – I had always wanted to be in charge of my own destiny – looking after some of the most exotic Ferraris ever made and growing to a work force of 16 by 1993. We then started MHT (Mortimer Houghton Turner) where I ran the Technical Department alongside Bob Houghton Ltd. It worked very well having the official franchise alongside.

In 1994 Ferrari UK commissioned me to be Team Chief for the Ferrari 355 Challenge European series, winning both A and B Classes in 1997. For the next few years we then continued working with Ferrari UK on the very successful Ferrari 360 Challenge cars.


looking to the future we will retain the commitment to our customers and the welfare of t heir cars, whilst enhancing our position in the ferrari world.




21st Century website header.jpg

David Houghton, Bob's youngest son, will be running the business and preserving the high standards that his father has cemented into the company. Working alongside his father and experienced Ferrari technicians he has been developing his skills in the workshop for 10 years. Now with a number of show grade Ferraris under his belt he oversees the Restoration Department where he and the team continue their award winning standards.



the service and sales department are run by russell smith, an experienced and KNOWLEDGEABLE asset to the business. Russell has been working alongside Bob houghton since 2000 and has gained a great understanding of ferrari and what is required to maintain one. not only will he run through an honest ASSESSMENT of your car, he will also assist with any historic references, facts and issues you may have.  


Working alongside Bob for many years have been passionate engineers and technicians who understand the intricate workings of a Ferrari. These specialised technicians start with our chief engineer Peter North. 

Peter has been working for Bob for over 30 years, in which he has gained valuable knowledge and worked on some of the worlds most famous and lucrative road & race cars. Peter runs our Engine shop and oversees the quality in engine rebuilds that is demanded by Bob houghton ferrari.


Justin Vaughan is our Parts Manager. From 2004 he has maintained a highly organised department, quality checking of parts and helping customers find what they need however difficult. We sell parts so please do not hesitate to contact us.